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Higher Rankings Means
More Visibility

No one can buy from you if no one knows you exist. Sounds obvious, but many business owners miss the point that SEO, when done correctly, means that people who didn’t even know you or the solution you offer are even out there, now will. This is the crucial first step to convert anyone to a customer or client.

More Visibility Means
More Traffic

Now that more of your potential market can find you, you’ll get more traffic to your website than before. It’s that simple. Measurable, quantifiable, real results that directly impact your bottom line. How? Because...

More Traffic Means
More Profit

It’s a simple numbers game. If you were getting 10 visitors a day to your site before and converting one, if we can help you get 100 visitors to your site through SEO you’ll convert 10. So as we said, it’s a simple numbers game. More traffic naturally and inevitably leads to more money.


Elie Guttmann

“The best investment you’ll ever make when it comes to your online presence! The team at Rush Ventures are some of the most experienced and well-versed professionals I’ve ever worked with. If you want a website that gets ranked, drives sales and actually makes you and your company money, there’s no one who can match them. Highly recommended!"

Ami Moyal

“If you don’t want to waste money on an SEO campaign that doesn’t work, Rush Ventures are the people to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thanks to their management, our SEO campaigns are now producing at twice the level as before, and we’re paying less! Can’t recommend them highly enough!"

Mario Delgobbo

“We had no idea the difference that effective search engine optimization would have on our conversion rate until we started working with Rush Ventures. They took something that wasn’t driving sales and turned it into a new profit center for us. That’s a big deal!”



How Quickly Will My Site Get Ranked?

Every site is different. So is every industry, every keyword, every market, every vertical, and so on. So there’s no way to make a blanket statement that your site will be ranked in a day, a week, a month or more. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll go over your unique needs and be able to give you a clearer picture of what’s needed.

Are Your Techniques “OK” with Google’s Policies?

Absolutely. As you may or may not know, hundreds of thousands of sites have run afoul of Google’s policies are have been punished severely for it. SEO firms that try and “trick” the search engines aren’t just worthless...they’re dangerous. We keep on top of Google’s policies and algorithms day in and day out, and NEVER do anything to hurt your site.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Of course! We actually have the best guarantee of any SEO company in the business. First of all, you don't pay one single cent until we rank you on the first page of Google. Our work is always guaranteed and you are never under any obligation to stay with us if we don’t perform as promised. Some SEO firms will ask you to sign long-term contracts and lock you into paying them no matter what. We never do. We perform or we don’t get paid. Period.

Where are You Located?

We’re right here in the Toronto area. Our office is located on Bloor Street in Downtown Toronto in a beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) building filled with other vibrant companies and a fun, stimulating atmosphere. Bottom line, you’ll never have to hunt us down or wonder where we went. We’re here for the long haul.

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